Invest in your remote teams, so they invest in you

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Grow trust with your teams through programs that focus on their personal growth and wellness.

Bringing the world of your remote teams together through growth and progression.

"The Cowork Experience is your partner in creating customized experiences that value your teams needs, so they can give you back to you what you are giving back to them"


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WHY CHOOSE US The TeamRichment Difference


We’re well-versed in designing programs, securing partnerships, and implementing team communications. There’s no need for hand-holding or offloading the work to in-house ops to deliver the logistical basics. As global strategic event specialists and consultants, the team will create an experience that fits your team's end-to-end. 


We don’t tell you what your team needs. We enable them to tell us what they need to make their lives and work better. We design a program that’s customized to their interests. Some like a deep dive into spirituality while others may want to focus on financial fitness or learning how to emotionally cohabitate with their remote working partners at home. 


Avg response time: 54min


Our team is here for you as you grow. Most of the work we do comes from current clients who are thrilled with our results and eager to hand the reins over to someone who can take the driver seat and deliver.

“I’m Elisa, Founder & CEO of The Cowork Experience & TeamRichment

I love helping remote companies grow their teams through events and experience that supports personal growth and wellness. I was fed up with programs that focused more on forcing people to engage with each other artificially through Zoom happy hours and time wasters. While other team planners focus on basics like logistics, my high-value, content-rich events take things up a notch by improving the lives of remote workers and strengthening the trust between leadership and teams. 


Foster partnerships with an experience that keeps people talking. 

In a crowded industry driven by innovation and community, paying $10,000 for a banner and a booth at the latest trade show will not provide your business with the influence it needs to scale. Events can lead to meaningful relationships and an increased market presence— when your brand is in the driver’s seat. 

Imagine the impact on your business if you could own and drive an event that:

1. Helps you form strategic partnerships with key figures in your industry
2. Puts your brand directly in front of your target audience, the media, and future investors
3. Generates user-driven content to increase visibility and power future marketing campaigns

All without having to lift a finger when it comes to logistics and pre-event PR. 
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Cowork experiences build relationships. Relationships build trust.

Fostering a sense of collaboration and trust in the workplace is essential— especially in a busy startup culture. While other services might offer exercises or host retreats, our team takes things to the next level with experiences built around your unique community. 

Need to work while you connect? No problem! In the spirit of coworking, we create environments that encourage productivity while at the same time inviting employees to make space to refresh, recharge, and build camaraderie across departments. We accomplish this with:

1. A full-service approach to planning and running retreats
2. Activities focused on holistic wellness, health, and mindset
3. Flexible options that work around your company’s schedule
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