We produce cowork events.

So you can market beyond ads, create connections & build opportunities.

What happens in these cowork events?

Partnerships, content capturing, media activation, relationship building, and compound online marketing.

Within the cowork space setting of productivity, growth, and wellness.

An event experience people can talk share about.

Its time tech gets out from behind the screen.

Product Launches. 

Cowork Popup.

Panel Discussions. 

Team Presentations. 

Customer Competitions. 

Talk Series. 

Wellness Event. 

Alternative Networking. 

Meet the Team. 


Startups Launches.

Tastings & Testings.

The list goes on…

Why within the cowork culture setting?

Over 51 million Coworking Users by 2022.
Freelancers. Startups.
Remote workers.
Digital nomads. Enterprise Companies.
Millennials 62%
Gen x 33%
Boomers 5%
the new smart-party.
Then there is the invitation strategy
Influencers. Bloggers. Media. Community leaders.

public figures. Strategic partnerships. Targeted Clients.

What We do.

Foster Strategic Event Partnerships for you

Launch online PR EFFORTs around your event

Create a space to network with guests & Clients

Invite select influencers to Share about your event

line up a media team to capture your Event footage

support entrepreneuers, growing businesses & rising Creatives

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A Cowork Panel Discussion

Vietnam. Thailand. San Francisco.

A global event series of panel topics and speakers. 

SafetyWing. Gitlab. AngelList. Mayven.

A Cowork Event in Bali, Indonesia

A glimpse into a sponsored cowork experience day.

21 Day Hero. Nils Kattau. MentorPass. The Now with Nat.

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Take it up another level.
Create more opportunities with your next cowork experience.