Ads don't build customer relationships, experiences do.

Cowork events to brand-build and connect beyond the online world.

There's a new party in town.
And it's not a party.

The cowork culture has evolved the way we connect with others – one that supports productivity, growth, and wellness. 

Sponsored Cowork Day. Panel Discussions. Team Presentations. Customer  Competitions. Talk Series. Wellness Class. Organized Networking. Meet the Team. Speed Screening. Market Testing.


The list goes on.  

Freelancers. Startups. Remote workers.Digital nomads. Enterprise Companies.

Over 5.1 million Coworking Users by 2022

Millennials 62%
Gen x 33%
Boomers 5%

We Cover Everything. You Just Show Up.


Partnering with an array of brands, startups, and the ideal cowork event experience space.

Network Marketing

Supporting your event with our  marketing network thru local collaborative platforms, community leaders and online engagement.

Attendee Data

A room filled with audience data to further define the trajectory of your brand growth.

Event Content

Designing event content that becomes a lasting and known branding experience. The Fun Stuff.

Event Logistics

Overseeing event development  from scheduling, vendor mgmt, marketing assets, and audio & video.

Media Footage

Local media production & crew ready to document new content from your cowork experience event.

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A Cowork Panel Discussion

Vietnam. Thailand. San Francisco.

A global event series of panel topics and speakers. 

SafetyWing. Gitlab. AngelList. Mayven.

A Cowork Event in Bali, Indonesia

A glimpse into a sponsored cowork experience day.

21 Day Hero. Nils Kattau. MentorPass. The Now with Nat.

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Gallery of Past Cowork Experiences

Connect with your Customer.
Create Opportunities.

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