Team offsite needs management done for you.

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Your team offsite needs are managed from logistics to internal organization management to workplace improvement metrics.

Gain peace of mind knowing you've hired experts to guide your company’s most critical employee engagement experience.

The purpose is to impact your team’s overall employee experience within the organization to ultimately thrive as a well oiled machine.

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You’re hiring us for our expertise.

We bring in our best practices, lessons learned, and templates so you feel confident that your offsite is in the right hands.

We’re more than logistics.

Securing a venue is just the tip of the iceberg. Our real work really starts with organization management, offsite communications, and facilitating all the necessary actions to move things forward across various functional groups. 

Our work does not finish when the offsite ends.

You should have evidence that your team members feel more unified and empowered working for your company after the offsite.


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Elisa Rueda, Strategic Workplace Culture Advisor

My past 15 years in organization behavioral change management and global events has put me in a unique position to positively impact the new remote world workplace. 

Company-wide offsites have become an integral yet competitive part of distributed startups. If not done right, it becomes just another party, a time filler, or really expensive get together.

Offistes are an opportunity to convert a logistically-centric production into a feedback loop that can elevate your team’s productivity, confidence, and belonging. The fiber of your team takes shape that enhances unspoken behavioral relations and work engagement.

Your offsites are your greatest employee investment that will have long-term impact on your team’s ability to thrive with one another under one mission.

My advice, don’t wait until you’re too big. 



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