How much do you value your team's time?

Enough to outsource and avoid taking away from your core business.

Team Cowork Retreats • Company Cowork Annuals
Remote Cowork Marketing Events

3 Cowork Experience Services

Team Retreats

Streamline your team trip requests.
No need to burden or hire a team.
We'll streamline your team requests, plan out all the essentials according to your requirements. We'll get things squared away and transition ready.

Company Annuals

Compartmentalize this heavy load.
A team annual is no small project especially given the size and the trip significance. Get peace of mind knowing you have an experienced team working through all the details.

Cowork Events

Tap into remote markets.
Reach a new audience beyond traditional methods. Augment brand presence. Leverage our global network and resources. We'll handle the setup so you can just show up and do your thing!

Cowork Events are the new marketing events of today.

Why limit your impressions to clicks.

GROW YOUR PRESENCE GLOBALLY with content driven experiences

Team Retreat? Company Annual?

streamline team retreat Procurement?

“We have a number of team retreats requests for the year. Can you help streamline the process and set them up within our requirements and guidelines?”

Program Content Development?

“Can you help us design a trip itinerary and program based on objectives and special activities, tours and workshops?”

Team Facilitation Prep? & local Support

“Can you help us organize an internal team of facilitators for the annual so that we’re prepared for program changes and minimize crowd confusion?”


Your Team's F2F PLan?

Team trips are no longer just for upper management or sales. With no offices, there is a must for more F2F meetings for all levels of your remote organization.

Even if it’s once a year.
+ a team level retreat.

Bring your teams together meaningfully to get things done. Plan it out purposefully. Cowork together while strengthening your remote culture.

What is your F2F plan?

A Cowork Event in Bali, Indonesia

A glimpse into a cowork experience.

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Elisa Rueda


We work with leaders, operations, and team leads to design a plan for their teams whether it’s a straightforward hack-a-thon team trip or an elaborate annual production. 

We are a trip-content curator for your remote teams. 

96.3% Satisfaction rate from participants.

We are not a brick and mortar.

We are an experience.


Participant Testimonials
Was awesome!!! Definitely great event for a change from a usual working routine!
client testimonial
Tauras Sinkus
21 Day Hero
That this feels exclusive, All these things are in one spot (coworking, working out, food, talks, etc).
testimonial from JP
Juan Herrada
Ubuntu Power
It feels like a little vacation, a coworking day, a dinner party, and a spa day wrapped in one, and really breaks of the work monotony.
Summer Powell
Design Leader

Gallery of Past Cowork Experiences

Your team. Your brand. Your experience.

We’ll discuss what you need, we’ll go over our process and see if this is a fit.

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